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Italian Parsley- 30 seeds

Italian Parsley- 30 seeds

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Days to Maturity: 78-80 (Spring/Summer)
Hardiness Zone: 2-9

This parsley has dark green leaves with a rich, flavor that is generally stronger than other curled types.

Seeds germinate very slowly. Soaking the seeds in water overnight helps. You can also try soil blocking for better germination results! See our blog for more info.

If starting indoors start 6-8 weeks before the frost. Once seedlings are hardened off transplant them to 10-12" apart in rows that are 12-18" apart.

If direct seeding sow seeds in the spring after the frost every 4-6". Make sure to mark the rows since they germinate so slowly. When seedlings are 2-3" tall thin them to 10-12" apart.

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